Silicone Extrusion

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Silicone Rubber Products and Plastic Extruders

Silco Products are leading plastic extruders manufacturers based in Littlehampton, UK. We are leading suppliers of a comprehensive range of silicone rubber products including Profiles, Tube, and Gaskets. Our products are manufactured in a variety of silicone rubber grades and colours. We use only the best quality raw materials from the major international suppliers, so you can be assured of superior product performance and the guarantee of technical services to select the right grade for your application. See our website pages for more information.

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Product Range

Our vast range of plastic extruders including a huge variety of silicone rubber items including;

For more information, contact Silco Products today. Call us on 01903 732088 or email [email protected] and we will be more than happy to help with all aspects of plastic extrusion.