If you need to buy spare parts made from rubber, you can choose from standard rubber or silicone rubber. Most people then discover that the latter is more expensive. Some will choose rubber at that point, while others go on to find out more about silicone rubber before choosing which items to buy.

Those that do indulge in extra research are likely to find many reasons why they should rely on silicone rubber parts. We discuss three of the main ones here, although there are many more.

1: Silicone rubber lasts longer than standard rubber

You may be surprised to learn that it can last around four times as long as a standard part made from rubber. So, if longevity and reliability are important to you, silicone rubber is certainly the more sensible choice.

This could be more important in situations where replacing a worn part would be problematic or time-consuming – or indeed expensive. If you need to display the best quality for your product, silicone rubber parts are certainly going to help with that.

2: It is more versatile in numerous situations

We can create silicone rubber parts in many ways. While we can make sheeting, washers, tubing, and many other items, we can also create them in different ways. Various formulations can be created to consider the situations each part is going to be used for.

For example, they can be designed to cope with low or high temperature extremes. They can also be designed to achieve medical grade rather than standard grade silicone rubber parts. Much of the versatility comes from the way each part is created, but we can see how beneficial this is when considering the question of versatility.

3: It is ideal for numerous industries

You might be surprised how many industries make use of parts made from silicone rubber. We have discussed its versatility already, and this is one of the reasons why it is ideal across multiple industries and scenarios.

For example, silicone rubber bakeware is found in many kitchens nowadays. Not only does it exhibit non-stick properties, but it also makes it easier to twist and turn the bakeware to take out whatever we’ve cooked in it.

In another industry altogether, we can find plenty of silicone rubber parts in aeroplanes. Their ability to withstand many challenging situations and conditions makes their properties ideal for the demands placed on them in flight. Clearly, you wouldn’t want to think about regular part replacement in this industry. It would be foolhardy and dangerous to choose anything less than the best in this instance.

We can think of many other reasons why someone might select silicone rubber over the regular kind when purchasing any parts made from it. However, these three elements are the most important of all. They also show why there are situations in which silicone rubber is the only sensible choice to go for. And there are certainly many situations where that would be the case.

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