Before you place an order for anything, it’s important to think about what you want and why you want it. What do you expect to get from that order? How can you be sure you’re ordering the best items that are going to give you the best performance?

If we apply that thinking to the ordering process for silicone rubber parts, we can understand there are various things to consider. We’ll list some of the most important ones here, so you can use this article as a guide whenever you’re ready to order some parts. From washers to gaskets, all the following points are worth thinking about.

Can you buy ready-made items?

This is a good starting point because with all silicone rubber parts, there are standard sizes, shapes, and compositions to look through. If you’re not after a silicone rubber item for a specific or unusual use, you could well order items off the shelf.

The alternative would be ordering bespoke items. These are easy enough to arrange, although they are pricier as a die must be made to exact specifications prior to the creation of the parts. For instance, if you wanted a specific type of gasket, you’d need exact measurements and tolerances to get the die made. However, once the right die is ready, the creation of the gaskets would be the fastest part. You could also order more using the same die in future.

Do you need a special type of silicone rubber?

There are many types of silicone rubber – some harder than others, some better able to withstand extreme temperatures, and some designed to use in medical settings. By considering how your parts are to be used, you can work out whether a special type of silicone rubber would lead to the best outcome.

In another example, it may simply be a case of adding a colour to the rubber rather than altering its formulation. Colours can support branding, and they can make it easier to identify usage if there are several identical parts.

How many parts do you need?

The great thing about silicone rubber parts is that you can order in small and large quantities. If you are in the early stages of developing a product, you may only need a few gaskets or sections of sheeting or tubing to help you at this stage. However, once things are ready to go, you may wish to order hundreds or thousands of one or more silicone rubber parts. Experienced manufacturers should be able to cater to you in all situations.

There are many things to be aware of when ordering silicone rubber parts. These are among the most important, but of course you can rely on expert advice from us whenever you are thinking about placing an order. If you have little knowledge of this type of rubber, we can help you work out what the best quality parts would be for you in each situation.

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