We use rubber for all kinds of purposes and items. Everything from a rubber washer to prevent friction between moving or solid parts to rubber seals for doors and windows… and many other things between those two.

There are major differences between rubber and silicone rubber parts, though. Many people go for standard rubber without thinking too much about it. Yet in some cases – perhaps in many – there could be some smart reasons why choosing silicone rubber would supply the better outcome.

Think of quality first

The type of project or item you are creating should tell you plenty about whether you should use regular or silicone rubber parts. If you want the best quality to help make sure the item will last and is worth its price, you should choose silicone rubber. This holds true regardless of the type of silicone rubber part you are looking at.

Let’s think of a rubber washer as an example. If you have developed a piece of machinery that is expensive yet offers a supreme service and many features, it wouldn’t make sense to finish it using regular rubber washers. If you did, those washers would likely fail long before the machinery developed any other issues. If you are aiming at the top of the market in that category, it doesn’t make sense to skimp on those features. You want to supply the best quality item, and that should extend to having the best quality parts throughout.

Safety suggests a better quality rubber part

This applies to all parts, from washers to tubing and through to other items such as extrusions and gaskets. In each case, silicone rubber can be used to create a far safer and more robust product.

One of the most important things to think about here involves the technical side of things. The best example we can give concerns the use of silicone rubber in medical items and settings. Regular rubber would not be ideal in such circumstances. Since bodily fluids may encounter the rubber, it must be safe for such use. The inert nature of silicone rubber means that it can safely be used in such conditions. It can also be easily cleaned and made to a higher specification than even standard silicone rubber tubing and items, for instance.

Speak to the experts

If you are wondering whether silicone rubber parts would be preferable to standard rubber ones, the best idea is to seek some expert advice. Even within the world of silicone rubber, you can order off the shelf items or ask for bespoke ones to be made to the required specifications to suit your product or intentions. By seeking proper advice, you can find out the many advantages you could enjoy if you went for the silicone rubber parts rather than opting for basic rubber ones. Long life is only the beginning of those advantages, so give it some serious consideration before choosing the best parts.

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