Do You Need Bespoke Silicone Rubber Items?

By digiadmin

Silicone rubber – it’s all around us, sometimes hidden, sometimes in view. It is used in the aerospace industry, the medical industry, the automotive industry, and many others as well. Your doors and windows may well have silicone rubber seals to keep the cold out and the heat tucked away indoors where it should be.…

Cost vs Longevity for Silicone Rubber

By digiadmin

Rubber parts of all kinds are used in many products today. We may not even realise how many products use such parts, since they may often be hidden from view. However, there is a basic choice to make at the beginning of the manufacturing process when someone is searching for rubber parts for their business.…

What is a Joined Gasket?

By digiadmin

No doubt you have heard the word gasket before. They’re used in all manner of industries and come in many shapes, sizes, and forms. They can also be made from many different materials, including everything from paper to metal. Silicone rubber gaskets are commonly used for many applications, thanks to their robust properties and long-lasting…

Facts You Should Know About Silicone Rubber Dies

By digiadmin

Have you heard of silicone rubber dies? If not, you’ll find out more about them here. While it’s not necessary to know what they are before ordering your silicone rubber parts, a little knowledge can better help you understand the manufacturing process. What is a silicone rubber die? Despite the name, this type of die…

3 Ways an Expert Can Help You Order Silicone Rubber Parts

By digiadmin

If you need to order some silicone rubber parts, you should think about chatting with someone who knows them inside out before you do so. Not only will this enhance your knowledge, but it will also ensure you order the best parts for your needs. Here are three ways this can work for you. 1:…

Is Silicone Rubber Right for Your Business?

By digiadmin

Silicone rubber parts come in many different shapes and guises. From washers to sheeting and gaskets to tubing, there are many ways to put this type of rubber to use. If you use rubber parts in your business – or plan to – it’s worth thinking about which kind of rubber would work best. Many…

False Economy: Is Regular Rubber Cheaper Than Silicone?

By digiadmin

When you create a product for sale, one of the most important areas to look at is your profit margin. You need to sell the product for more than it costs to make and distribute it, otherwise you’ll lose money. Most people understand this, yet it is a basic way of looking at the situation.…

3 Reasons to Choose Coloured Silicone Rubber Parts

By digiadmin

One of the great things about choosing silicone rubber parts of any type is the range of options available to you. Some are purely practical in nature, while others are creative. All are worth considering, though. One thing you may not have thought about is colour. If you’re used to looking at a range of…

What Do You Need to Know About Silicone Rubber?

By digiadmin

If you are curious about how you might use silicone rubber, it pays to know a few things about it first. We’ve covered the most fascinating facts here, but there are many more, delving into various areas such as its ability to withstand extremes of temperature. How many of these things did you already know?…

Is Durability the Best Feature of Silicone Rubber Parts?

By digiadmin

We could give you lots of reasons why silicone rubber parts are better than the same parts made from standard rubber. However, one query that regularly comes up on this topic concerns durability. Silicone rubber is an elastomer, which gives it different properties to that of regular rubber. Those properties do make it more durable…


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