Silicone Rubber Profiles

Silicone Rubber Profiles

Silicone Rubber Profiles

At Silco Products we specialise in producing custom and complicated extrusion profiles to meet our customers’ requirements.
We have many long term production partners and are able to give all of our customers top quality products at competitive prices.

We hold nearly 5000 extrusion dies in our factory and may well be able to produce your requirements without the cost of a new die.

If a new die is required we pride ourselves on our competitive tool cost, precision quality and 10-14 Day lead times.

We can produce your extrusion profiles in any colour and in any material you require from 20° shore to 80° shore.

rubber profiles

Common Profiles We Produce
  • Lip Seals
  • Hollow D Sections
  • Solid D Sections
  • H Sections
  • E Sections
  • P Sections
  • T Sections
  • L Sections
  • U Channel Sections
  • Tadpole Sections
  • Omega Sections
  • Keyhole Sections
  • Trapezium Sections
  • Autoclave Seals
  • Door Seals
  • Triangle Seals

Rubber Profiles

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