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Is Silicone Rubber Right for Your Business?

Silicone rubber parts come in many different shapes and guises. From washers to sheeting and gaskets to tubing, there are many ways to put this type of rubber to use. If you use rubber parts in your business – or plan to – it’s worth thinking about which kind of rubber would work best. Many people just go for standard rubber parts without even considering whether silicone rubber might prove to be the smarter option. You need to think about many aspects, and we’ll cover the main ones here. We’ll start with the one you may be most curious about....
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False Economy: Is Regular Rubber Cheaper Than Silicone?

When you create a product for sale, one of the most important areas to look at is your profit margin. You need to sell the product for more than it costs to make and distribute it, otherwise you’ll lose money. Most people understand this, yet it is a basic way of looking at the situation. Other factors are also involved, for example. You’ve got the issue of quality to start with. Most consumers know that something cheap isn’t likely to last the same length of time as something more expensive. There are products that don’t follow this rule, of course...
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3 Reasons to Choose Coloured Silicone Rubber Parts

One of the great things about choosing silicone rubber parts of any type is the range of options available to you. Some are purely practical in nature, while others are creative. All are worth considering, though. One thing you may not have thought about is colour. If you’re used to looking at a range of black standard rubber parts, you may not have had the opportunity to think about changing colours before. In some cases, there may be no need to, yet in others it can make a major difference. Let’s check some of the reasons why going for a...
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What Do You Need to Know About Silicone Rubber?

If you are curious about how you might use silicone rubber, it pays to know a few things about it first. We’ve covered the most fascinating facts here, but there are many more, delving into various areas such as its ability to withstand extremes of temperature. How many of these things did you already know? It is a versatile material Many people are surprised to learn how many silicone rubber parts there are in the world around them. Oftentimes you won’t see these parts, as they form an integral yet unseen part of the item using them. However, you can...
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Is Durability the Best Feature of Silicone Rubber Parts?

We could give you lots of reasons why silicone rubber parts are better than the same parts made from standard rubber. However, one query that regularly comes up on this topic concerns durability. Silicone rubber is an elastomer, which gives it different properties to that of regular rubber. Those properties do make it more durable in many ways. For example, most silicone rubber parts can easily be used at greater temperature extremes when compared to standard rubber. That holds true for high and low temperatures too. The parts can also be created with specifics in mind. For example, if the...
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Self-Adhesive vs Plain Washers

We are all familiar with washers. They are used in multiple situations every day. While a washer is a simple thing, it has an important role to play. It sits between two surfaces that would otherwise not produce a tight fit. Washers can produce a seal where one would not otherwise be possible. They are also used in many scenarios, such as in electronic items and in industrial settings, for example. Yet there are two types of washers you may not be aware of. Some have self-adhesive backings and others do not. So, how can we compare the two? Why...
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Understanding Silicone Rubber Tolerances

When you begin to read more about silicone rubber parts and how they are created, you may encounter the word tolerance. We know what this means in terms of tolerating things ourselves (or not, in some cases). But what does it mean when we’re talking about silicone rubber? We’re going to delve into this topic in more detail here. If you are planning to order some parts sometime soon, we hope this knowledge will help determine whether you need to think about tolerance in more detail before you place that order. What does tolerance mean? In this case, tolerance refers...
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Why Swap from Regular to Silicone Rubber?

If you need rubber parts – from gaskets to sheeting and washers to tubing – you have lots to choose from. However, not all rubber parts are the same. While there are many differences between them – not all visible with the naked eye – you have two basic items to choose from: • Regular rubber • Silicone rubber You’ll know this from the title of this article. You’ll also know that we manufacture many different silicone rubber parts, so we have an interest in this topic. Yet it is important to see the differences between the two types of...
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How is Silicone Rubber More Versatile?

How many ways is silicone rubber used inside your home, your car, even your business? You might be surprised at the answer. We all rely on silicone rubber, a hugely versatile form of rubber, in lots of ways almost every day. Your car may have gaskets made from this material. Your takeaway reusable coffee cup may have a silicone lid. Your oven likely has a silicone seal around the door. It’s possible your doors and windows have similar seals designed to keep out the cold and prevent heat inside your home from escaping. And that’s just for starters. It’s reasonable...
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