Silicone Rubber Extrusion Sizes

Our Manufacturing capabilities allow us to produce very small bore tube 0.3mm Id up to 100 mm Id Tube.

We are also specialists in highly detailed profiles both small and large.

Some typical uses for our extrusions are High temp Oven door seals, Tubing for Automatic Drinks Dispensers, and various Seals Tubes and Gaskets where High Temperatures are involved.

Building Applications

More and more companies and designers are turning to Silicone Rubber for its excellent properties in the Building industries; we also do silicone prototyping where required. UV stability and excellent weathering characteristics make silicone an ever increasing choice for glazing seals and weather proofing joints.

Our joining techniques are perfect application to these processes giving excellent silicone rubber extrusions at an affordable price.

Popular Grades

  • General Purpose: Grades 20 - 90 shore hard. FDA177.2600 and WRC approved for food and pharmaceutical use. Temperature range - 80°C to +200°C.
  • BS6853 Cat 1 & 2: For fire sensitive applications that require low smoke and low toxicity levels.
  • High Temperature: Grades stable to 315°C
  • High Tear Strength: Suitable for peristaltic pumps.
  • Low Compression Set: For seals that need good return following extended periods of deforming.
  • Low Temperature: Designed to provide extrended low temperature service. Flexible down to -100 C.
  • Platinum Cured: Non peroxide grade offers high tear strength and translucency. Particularly suitable for tubing, catheters and componants of other medical devices, but not as implants.
  • Steam Resistant: Suitable for autoclave gaskets, steampot gaskets etc. Low compression set and good rebound resilience.
  • Silicone Sponge: For high temperature gasket and sealing applications that require a soft compressible material. Excellent for vibration damping and cushioning components.


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