What Are Press Cut Gaskets?

Gaskets are used in many ways and throughout many industries. However, in every case, a gasket is designed to sit between two materials or components.

In doing so, it can prevent a leak of water, oil, or even gas or air, depending on the application. While gaskets can be made from many materials, it is common to see silicone rubber gaskets in use. Silicone is long-lasting and provides the ideal combination of features to work in the way it is intended.

If you are exploring the options for purchasing gaskets, you may come across the term press cut gaskets. Here, we are going to explain what a press cut gasket is and how it is created.

Created from silicone rubber sheeting

The process of creating a press cut gaskets of all shapes and sizes begins with a sheet of silicone rubber. We’ll assume this is the material required for the gaskets, although the process is much the same if other materials are being used.

Depending on the size of the sheet and the size of the gasket to be cut out, several gaskets should be created from a single sheet.

How the gasket is made

A press cut gasket provides a clue to the process used. A press cuts the shape of the gasket from the silicone rubber sheet. To do this, a die is created that is the exact shape of the required gasket.

There are other methods that can be employed to cut the gaskets too, such as by laser or even a jet of water.

The gaskets can be cut partway or all the way through

In some cases, it is best for the die or blade to cut right through the silicone sheeting. This means the gaskets are ready to be immediately removed.

However, in some instances, a sheet of standard gaskets is created. This can be done to ensure there are some ready to fulfil standard orders. In this case, it would make sense for the gaskets to remain in the sheet they are cut from. This enables the sheets to be easily stored until required.

The die used for cutting the gaskets would then be adjusted to create something known as a kiss cut. Instead of the blade cutting through the entire silicone rubber sheet, it is set to stop just as it hits the other side of the material. If you have ever needed to press something out of a sheet of cardboard or similar material, you’ll understand how this works.

Bespoke press cut gaskets can also be made

We’ve mentioned the idea of cutting standard gaskets for use in many different circumstances. These are common gasket shapes and sizes commonly ordered by different industries and businesses.

However, in some cases, someone may want a bespoke design rather than an off the shelf one. In this instance, the die would be created according to requirements. This would then be used to cut the required gaskets and saved in case it was required in future for further orders.

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