How is Silicone Rubber More Versatile?

How many ways is silicone rubber used inside your home, your car, even your business? You might be surprised at the answer.

We all rely on silicone rubber, a hugely versatile form of rubber, in lots of ways almost every day. Your car may have gaskets made from this material. Your takeaway reusable coffee cup may have a silicone lid. Your oven likely has a silicone seal around the door. It’s possible your doors and windows have similar seals designed to keep out the cold and prevent heat inside your home from escaping.

And that’s just for starters.

It’s reasonable to ask why silicone rubber is preferable compared to standard rubber. We can reveal a few answers to that query here.

Its composition is adjustable

You don’t need to know the complex names, properties, and organic compounds involved in creating silicone rubber to understand that the balance of properties can be altered.

When silicone rubber parts are made, the purpose of those parts is an important feature. Questions are asked prior to this stage:

• Will the parts be exposed to extremes of temperature, whether hot or cold?
• Will those parts be exposed to oil, water, or even bodily fluids?
• Does the user need to be able to clearly see the parts, perhaps identifying them through colour?
• Does silicone rubber tubing need to be clear to enable blockages to be spotted and cleared quickly?
• Will the parts be used in medical settings?

Questions such as these – and many others – help us choose the most appropriate composition for the silicone rubber part.

It can be used in numerous industries and settings

Of course, you could say the same about rubber. However, silicone rubber parts last far longer and as we have seen, they can be made to withstand specific scenarios and situations.

That’s why you’ll find lots of parts made from this material in the average airplane. You will also find them in the kitchen, in cars, in the construction industry, and wherever food is made and processed.

Safety features can be built into a silicone rubber part to ensure it works as it should and is safe to use as well. Hence why so many medical items are made from silicone as its inertness makes it a safe choice. Silicone is smooth and easy to clean – something that is important in that setting.

The point is that silicone rubber parts of all kinds can be created to suit the role they are intended to play. So, if you need rubber tubing for a blood transfusion, it can be made to suit that purpose. If you need a rubber gasket for a car, you can get one that works when oil and higher temperatures are involved.

This versatility is one of the best features of silicone rubber. Whatever you want to use it for, you can undoubtedly get the perfect part designed for a specific job. And it should last far longer than its regular rubber counterpart too.

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