Silicone Rubber: The Ideal Choice for Automotive Purposes

Many people have a driving licence and spend some time each day driving to work or getting out and about for social purposes. Yet few of us ever think too much about what makes our cars work – unless something goes wrong with them, of course.

While any car can break down and suffer from wear and tear, using the best parts during construction does mean the life of those parts is going to be longer. There is no better example of this than using silicone rubber. This has many properties that make it the perfect choice for many car parts.

Why use silicone rubber when you could use standard rubber?

You could ask this question in many industries and scenarios. However, the automotive industry is an excellent example, showing you just how versatile and important the material is.

Silicone rubber does cost a little more than standard rubber, but you’re going to get a far longer life from each part. You’ll also get way more features from it. It is far better at withstanding extreme temperatures, for example. When you think of how hot an engine gets in use, it makes sense for gaskets, washers, and other parts to be made from silicone rather than regular rubber.

There is also the question of the weather. In the UK, we experience all kinds of weather… sometimes all in the same day. Snow, sleet, hail, strong winds, rain, heatwaves… we can have it all. And silicone rubber is superb at withstanding anything the weather could throw at it.

If you’ve driven during extreme weather conditions, you can understand why it is so important that your car performs well in all those conditions. You can also understand why you’d need reliable car parts even if you don’t drive that often. If your car is parked outside, it is still going to experience those temperature extremes. There is also the question of brake dust, dirt from the road, and other conditions that can and do lead to faster deterioration of standard rubber.

There is no better material to use

One of the key features that has led to multiple uses of silicone rubber in the auto industry is that it is so versatile. It can be shaped into many items and even used for tubing. It can also withstand so many conditions, including salt from the roads and exposure to UV light and sunlight.

If we only used standard rubber for the required parts in a car, we’d all be far more frustrated at the number of times something failed. The versatility of silicone rubber continues when you consider that it can also be made to specific tolerances and types. For example, it could be made to give an even stronger performance under certain conditions – conditions you’d commonly see in cars and other vehicles.

While silicone rubber is extensively used in many industries, it’s easy to see why it is so popular in this industry. Nothing else would do.

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