3 Reasons to Choose Coloured Silicone Rubber Parts

One of the great things about choosing silicone rubber parts of any type is the range of options available to you. Some are purely practical in nature, while others are creative. All are worth considering, though.

One thing you may not have thought about is colour. If you’re used to looking at a range of black standard rubber parts, you may not have had the opportunity to think about changing colours before. In some cases, there may be no need to, yet in others it can make a major difference. Let’s check some of the reasons why going for a coloured result can be a better decision.

1: Easy identification

This comes into play when the parts may need to be replaced at some stage. Silicone rubber parts last far longer than standard rubber parts do, but if they’re used for long enough, they’ll still require replacement eventually, albeit further down the line than usual.

By adopting a brightly coloured part rather than a dull grey or black one, it’s going to be far easier and faster to find and remove the part when the time comes.

2: Match your branding

One of the best things about silicone rubber products is that almost any colour or shade can be added to the mix at the right time. This means you could send us a Pantone shade that matches your branding, so your products can look the same. You could do this to one or more of your products too, depending on how they are going to be used. Even if they are hidden once in place, your branding is still more powerful when used in this manner.

3: Stand out from the crowd

This isn’t always vital, yet it could make a difference to your business. For example, let’s say you want to sell a range of paint masking products made from silicone. Since paint won’t stick to silicone rubber, this makes it the ideal material to use when masking an area during painting.

Now, your products are going to appear on the shelf for sale next to your competitor’s products. Chances are you will have several competitors, so making your products stand out makes sense. Some people will look at the price and use that as the basis for their decision. Others, however, will consider the performance – and their eye is going to be caught by the appearance too.

If your product is bright red or blue or something similar, you’re going to catch the eye of far more people. While it won’t influence everyone, it could make a difference to your sales.

There are lots of reasons why you might think about switching to coloured versions of silicone rubber products. Would one or more of the above reasons make sense for you and your business? This may open a new path to more sales. At the very least, your products can look far superior to the competition – and that might be your only aim.

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