Is Silicone Rubber Right for Your Business?

Silicone rubber parts come in many different shapes and guises. From washers to sheeting and gaskets to tubing, there are many ways to put this type of rubber to use.

If you use rubber parts in your business – or plan to – it’s worth thinking about which kind of rubber would work best. Many people just go for standard rubber parts without even considering whether silicone rubber might prove to be the smarter option.

You need to think about many aspects, and we’ll cover the main ones here. We’ll start with the one you may be most curious about.

Cost concerns

It’s quite common to want to know the price of something before you commit to it. It would be foolhardy to think anything else. However, you cannot act on the cost alone. If you do, you won’t know other facts about your purchase that tell you just how much that item costs.

This applies to silicone rubber parts just as it does to anything else you can think of. If you look at the price for a washer made from silicone rather than regular rubber, for example, you’d choose the regular option if cost mattered most to you. However, in doing so, you wouldn’t get the best product. Silicone is superior in lots of ways. We’ll move on to two main areas that will help you decide whether this is the ideal rubber for your business requirements.


Does quality matter to you? Some people are in the business of churning out lots of products at a super-low price without worrying too much about achieving great quality. This works in some situations where the product being purchased isn’t meant to last for ages.

However, if you plan on developing something that offers excellent quality and performance throughout its life, silicone is the way to go. We mentioned a washer earlier – if one of these fails, you can expect problems before you get a replacement, regardless of where the washer is used. Wouldn’t you rather supply a reliable washer people are more likely to be delighted with?


Some products last longer than the competition’s efforts. We’ve all bought things that have kept going for years… and others that have failed within the first few months if not sooner.

With silicone rubber, you know you’re going to get a longer lifespan than you would if you had an equal part made from standard rubber. So, you need to think about how long your item or product should last. People will pay more for premium products they can rely on, so if you are aiming at that end of the market, you should look at using silicone rubber rather than the regular alternative.

Of course, rolling all these aspects into one, and adding other business considerations you may have, is the best way to decide whether you have arrived at the best solution. Silicone rubber ticks a lot of boxes though – often far more than regular rubber products do.

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