How to Use Silicone Rubber Sheeting

By digiadmin

Silicone rubber comes in many guises, but perhaps one of the simplest is a silicone rubber sheet. You can buy this in various lengths, widths, and thicknesses, allowing for use in a range of situations and applications. There are a few things to understand about this type of sheeting. For example, it comes in many…

Silicone Rubber in the Electronics Industry

By digiadmin

Silicone rubber exhibits many diverse properties. Some of these include its ability to resist water, oil, and other liquids. It also has excellent electrical insulation properties. Its longevity provides another reason why you’ll find it in use throughout the electronics industry. All electrical items must be safe to use and cannot present any risk of…

Why Does Silicone Rubber Perform Well Outdoors?

By digiadmin

You’ll find silicone rubber products and items in all manner of locations. Some are more surprising than others, as we’ve discovered in some of our other posts. However, broadly speaking, it is an ideal material to use outdoors. There are several reasons why silicone rubber is perfect for outdoor use, so we’ll go into a…

Silicone Rubber Unseen: Where Does it Lurk?

By digiadmin

If we asked you to look around your home to find some silicone rubber items, you could probably find a few quite quickly. Keen cooks are likely to have some silicone rubber cookware, for example, along with a pastry brush or two. You’ll also find it used in items as diverse as footwear to the…

Silicone Rubber: Protection Against the Elements

By digiadmin

The great British weather… we all love it and hate it in equal measure. It can spring surprises on us, and occasionally extreme temperatures as well. While silicone rubber wasn’t specifically designed to perform well in Britain in all the wonderful weather conditions we can experience, it does so anyway. When we talk about the…

Quiet Please: How Silicone Rubber Reduces Vibration and Noise

By digiadmin

When was the last time you travelled in a train or airplane? Did you notice how noisy it was… or more likely, how noisy it wasn’t? Chances are you can thank silicone rubber for that. While no one expects a plane or train or other vehicle to be completely quiet when in use, we do…

Why is Silicone Rubber Ideal for Custom Profiles?

By digiadmin

Before we answer that question, it would be an excellent idea to understand what a profile is. There are many kinds of rubber profiles, created for use in many scenarios and applications. In some instances, they are used for decoration, while in others they have far more practical uses. These can include providing a seal…

What Are the Properties of Silicone Rubber?

By digiadmin

Would it surprise you to learn there are more properties involved than we have room to list in this article? Silicone rubber is ideal for many applications, some of which rely on one or more of those properties to be able to perform the role they are intended for. We’ll go through a few of…

Do You Need High Performance Silicone Rubber Parts?

By digiadmin

If you’ve read some of our previous blog posts, you’ll know that we have talked about the various ways that silicone rubber outperforms standard rubber. This holds true with all kinds of parts, too – from washers through to gaskets and various other items, such as tubing and even silicone rubber sheets. Yet not all…

Silicone Rubber: The Ideal Choice for Automotive Purposes

By digiadmin

Many people have a driving licence and spend some time each day driving to work or getting out and about for social purposes. Yet few of us ever think too much about what makes our cars work – unless something goes wrong with them, of course. While any car can break down and suffer from…


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