Insulate and Seal with Silicone Rubber Seals

The properties of silicone rubber make it the perfect choice for many roles. You can certainly expect to find it in many areas of life. In many cases, simpler rubber products do not give the same performance as silicone rubber.

One area we’ll look at here involves silicone rubber seals. You’ll soon see why this material is the best choice whenever any seal is required.

Ideal for seals of all kinds

When you want to create a seal between two other materials, you want to make sure nothing can get between them. This could mean liquid or air, depending on the nature of the item and its use.

For example, one seal you might be familiar with is a gasket. We can refer to this as a mechanical seal as it is often used in cars to keep different parts from rubbing together and creating unwanted heat or friction.

Silicone rubber offers a smooth surface too. It may look the same as regular rubber, yet it offers a perfect seal. This is just one reason why it is the ideal material to use for seals for plane doors and windows. That’s one seal you wouldn’t want to have fail at 35,000 feet.

However, silicone rubber seals come into their own at ground level, too. A great example of this is seen in door and window seals.

Improved insulation

No matter how good the glazing is, a window unit must have a proper seal around it to keep the heat in and the cold air outside where it belongs. Silicone rubber window seals help achieve this aim. While you may pay a little more for windows and doors featuring these seals, you may well see a difference in your heating bills. No heat is lost thanks to the impressive performance of silicone rubber.

It also performs better under a wider range of temperatures when compared to normal rubber seals. When you consider that silicone rubber seals are chosen for airplane doors and windows, it makes sense that you could expect an outstanding performance for the doors and windows in your home, too.

Perfect performance under all weather conditions

No doubt you know all about the great British weather and its unpredictability. It’s quite possible that your windows and doors could be subjected to hailstones one minute and bright sunshine the next.

While we don’t see these extremes every day, we see them often enough to realise that the seals on our windows and doors must be able to withstand everything the weather throws at them. Fortunately, silicone rubber performs well under all circumstances, including varied weather conditions and temperatures.

If you’re thinking about replacing your windows and doors, it makes sense to shop around. It also makes sense to see if the seals on any products you are considering are made from silicone rubber. With a better performance that is designed to last, this is one element that you won’t want to miss out on.