Is Durability the Best Feature of Silicone Rubber Parts?

We could give you lots of reasons why silicone rubber parts are better than the same parts made from standard rubber. However, one query that regularly comes up on this topic concerns durability.

Silicone rubber is an elastomer, which gives it different properties to that of regular rubber. Those properties do make it more durable in many ways. For example, most silicone rubber parts can easily be used at greater temperature extremes when compared to standard rubber. That holds true for high and low temperatures too.

The parts can also be created with specifics in mind. For example, if the manufacturer knows that the parts are going to be subjected to consistent high temperatures, the composition can be adjusted to reflect this. The same applies to situations where constant low temperatures would be experienced. As such, all parts can be created to extend the durability even further.

Another example of durability and its advantages comes from its non-reactive nature. This means the silicone rubber does not react to or with anything it comes into contact with. Think about car parts, for example. The heat, friction, and dirt the parts will be subjected to are extreme. While standard rubber parts would last, they will fail far sooner than they would if silicone rubber parts were used instead.

It all comes down to silicone rubber being able to withstand more than regular rubber in lots of different ways. Each individual ‘power’ – if you look at it like that – makes it stronger. Put all those elements together and you can see the benefits of buying parts that are more durable.

Of course, some people look at the price rather than what they are getting for that price. If you are going to buy standard parts, you will pay a lower price for them. However, they’re going to fail sooner than silicone rubber parts, no matter the situation they are used for. In essence, you are weighing up durability with cost, and the solution you choose will depend on your available budget and the outcome you most want to see.

In some situations, longevity matters more than others. However, durability doesn’t merely mean an item lasts longer. It could mean it is reliable throughout its life. Take some rubber tubing used for medical procedures, for example. In this case, medical grade silicone rubber would be the only choice. The non-reactive nature we mentioned earlier means that the tubing not only remains leak-free, it also remains free from pitting or other imperfections. These can lead to bacteria developing and potentially causing infections.

So, we can see that durability works in more ways than you might think. The good news is that silicone rubber is more than able to handle a long and productive life. This can be of paramount importance in some cases and a great selling point in others. It could make all the difference between having a happy customer and a complaint to deal with too.