The Difference Between Regular and Silicone Rubber Washers

Washers are used in all kinds of scenarios. They’re commonly used to prevent a screw from damaging the material they are being screwed into. Place a washer onto the screw and it will sit between it and the material, balancing out the load created by that screw.

Washers often seem an unnecessary item, yet without them there is a real chance the machinery or product won’t last anywhere near as long as it would if those washers were in place. So, you can see that the humble washer has a key role to play.

Different washer materials

So, we know how important washers are. Does it also matter what type of washer you use? It may do, depending on the nature of the item requiring them and how well you want the washer to perform.

Regular rubber washers are good enough for many circumstances. However, silicone rubber washers are going to last longer in numerous scenarios. Now, that may not be important if the product you’re developing isn’t intended to last for a long time. However, in the case of car parts or other pieces of machinery, you’re going to want to make sure you always get the best performance. If you chose regular rubber washers, those washers would likely fail long before their silicone rubber alternatives.

The life of a washer

What would this mean for your product? We have seen how doing away with a washer could lead to damage, which in turn could lead to costly repair bills or even a product that is beyond repair. And all for the sake of a washer.

So, adding a regular rubber washer would help to mitigate this danger. However, you could enhance the performance of the item simply by swapping to a silicone rubber washer instead of a standard one. You’d get a longer life out of each one you used, thereby giving your product a longer life too.

Silicone rubber also gives a better performance

This is perhaps the most powerful reason to switch a regular rubber washer to a silicone rubber washer. Not all washers are identical – and we’re not merely talking about the shape or size. You can buy standard silicone rubber washers, but you could also buy specific washers designed to possess certain properties.

For example, your washers may be used outdoors. If they’re going to be continually up against the elements, you could order silicone rubber washers designed to withstand those elements for longer. Similarly, washers used inside a car may need to withstand oil or petrol and may be exposed to heat. The silicone can be altered when the washers are made, so that it possesses the best properties for this purpose.

Silicone rubber washers can have many more appealing characteristics when compared to regular rubber washers. The advantages are obvious, hence why any washer that needs to last as long as possible should be made from silicone rubber. It will always be the best decision.