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Welcome to Silco Products, your trusted partner in silicone rubber extrusion, based in Littlehampton, UK. We pride ourselves on being leading suppliers of a wide range of superior silicone rubber products. Our commitment to quality, paired with our expert knowledge, ensures that each product not only meets but exceeds the rigorous demands of varied industrial applications.

Why Choose Silco Products?

At Silco Products, we understand that quality is paramount. We source only the finest raw materials from major international suppliers to ensure that every product offers unmatched performance. Whether you need silicone profiles, tubing, or gaskets, we offer bespoke solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

Our dedication to excellence is reflected in our rigorous quality control processes and our commitment to innovation. We strive to give you silicone solutions that go above and beyond your expectations by constantly improving our products and services. Trust us to deliver high-performance silicone products that enhance your operational efficiency and product reliability.

Our Silicone Products Range

Our extensive product range includes but is not limited to:


  • We manufacture complex profiles with close tolerances, ideal for intricate applications. These profiles are designed to meet the specific needs of industries requiring precision and durability.


  • Available from 0.4mm internal diameter to 95mm, with wall thickness starting from 0.2mm. This range allows for a variety of applications, ensuring flexibility and strength in demanding environments.


  • Produced with fine tolerance, starting from 0.5mm outside diameter. Our cords are perfect for sealing and other applications where precision is crucial.

Joined Seals & Gaskets:

  1. Utilising our unique bonding system for superior durability in butt and mitred joints. This innovative approach ensures a seamless fit and enhanced performance.

Press Cut Gaskets:

  • From simple to complex shapes, tailored for quantities ranging from 1 to 10,000. We cater to both small and large-scale projects, providing custom solutions that fit your exact requirements.

Cut Sleeves & Washers:

  • Millions of products are manufactured for diverse applications, from paint masking to cable insulation. Our versatility in production allows us to serve various industries effectively.


  • Available up to 1200mm wide, in various grades and colours, with optional adhesive backing for ease of use. We design our sheeting solutions to provide maximum functionality and adaptability for a wide range of applications.

FAQ Section

Q: What sets Silco Products apart in the silicone products market?

A: Our dedication to using only the best quality raw materials and our ability to provide custom solutions that meet precise client specifications set us apart.

Q: Can Silco Products customise silicone rubber products to specific needs?

A: Absolutely! We specialise in producing customised silicone rubber items tailored to your exact requirements, ensuring optimal performance for your applications.

Q: What industries do Silco Products serve?

A: We cater to a multitude of industries, including automotive, aerospace, medical, and electronics, providing versatile silicone solutions that perform exceptionally under various conditions.

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At Silco Products, we are more than just a supplier; we are your strategic partner, committed to delivering top-quality silicone products that enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your operations.